Filling Filler
for Liquid, Sauce, Jam, Paste, Oil, Water, Bubble liquid, foam liquid...

Filling Sealing Capping Labeling Packaging Line
Provide solutions for one machine and Turnkey project

Capping Sealer
for PET Cap, Metal Cap, Tin Cap, PT Cap, pump Cap, Screwing Cap, Vacuum Cap...

Labeling Labeler
for round bottle labeler, falt surface labeler, one side labeler, two side labeler...

Other machine
for Bottle Washing, Bottle Feeder, Cap Feeder, Packing Machine...

Brief Introduction:
our factory is a professional manufacturer of packaging machine, automatic and semi-automatic bottle washing machine, dryer, filling machine, capping machine,sealing machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, coding Machines and other non-standard custom automated packaging production lines. we have a senior technical talent with strong innovation and technical experience and a modern management team. At the same time, it has strong product development, design, manufacturing, sales and service capabilities.

Based on the domestic, look at the world. We strictly implement the international quality management system, measurement and testing system and standard standardized production system. In a serious and responsible attitude, we will make every product and intimate service for every customer. Pay attention to details, keep improving, and constantly upgrade, so that our equipment precision, speed and intelligence are constantly improved, machine operation is simpler, convenient and easy to use. Our equipment is widely used in medicine, food, daily chemical, chemical, electronics and other industries.

sincerely hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and we hope that foreign friends and customers can come to China freely again. As a machinery manufacturer, we will also greatly support customers. We will give priority to the production and delivery of orders for vaccine reagent filling machines, test tube filling and packaging machines, and cell fluid filling and sealing machines.
As a manufacturer of non-standard and standard machinery, we hereby solemnly announce that all orders for epidemic prevention machinery and equipment will be prioritized for production and delivered for use as soon as possible, including vaccine reagent filling machines , Test tube filling and packaging machine, cell liquid filling machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, etc. Jia Cheng International Company Ltd offer the oversea shipping support. For more details, please contact Cindy, the person in charge of foreign trade and export...



Filling machine classification1. Classification by filling methodAtmospheric pressure filling machine: A machine that fills liquids into packaging containers under atmospheric pressure. It is suita...



Filling Sealing machine operation process and precautions:How to operate1. Check before use: After the machine is installed, turn on the power supply, test the three-phase motor, ensure the correct...



how to get a good quality Bird's nest filling machine processing line? You would directly contact with Bird's nest packaging Machine manufacturer---Cindy 008613794308529 she is responsible for the ...
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