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Filling packing Line With Automatic Medical Alcohol / Chemical Liquid / Acetic Acid Capping Machine

Function Filling Packaging etc
Original Guangzhou
MOQ 1 Set
Model Customizable
Manufacturer Yes we are
Oversea Service Yes, offer
Product Details

Filling packing Line With Automatic Medical Alcohol / Chemical Liquid / Acetic Acid Capping Machine


1,Efficient fillingonly one filling heads would reach the high-speed,using infrared sensor to accurately find the bottle, follow-up filling, no pause in the production process, filling about 2000 bottles per minute with a capacity of about 500ml. would save the space when you use this machine.

2,Smart machineThe mobile high-speed filling machine can debug the bottles of different shapes, different heights and different capacities in just a few minutes, and enter the next wave of production, completely solving the problems due to the wide variety, the small number of single items and frequent adjustments.

3,Accurate capacityThe mobile high-speed filling machine adopts full-automatic servo motor to drive the piston filling, and the filling quantity is accurate and uniform, completely solving the trouble caused by the error of filling capacity.

4,Small footprintAutomatic Filling Machine is small and exquisite, and the installation site of the whole machine only needs 4 square meters, which greatly saves production space and effectively improves the utilization rate of the workshop.

5,Automatic cleaningAutomatic Filling Machine has an automatic cleaning function, which can reduce the workload of the workshop more effectively and greatly save the time of refueling and replacing the production line.

6,Cost-effectiveAutomatic Filling Machine is beautiful and durable. The whole machine is made of stainless steel 304, and the surface metal wire drawing process is of great value.

Pet Bottle Filling packing Line With Automatic Medical Alcohol / Chemical Liquid / Acetic Acid Filling Capping Machine

Filling packing Line With Automatic Medical Alcohol  Chemical Liquid  Acetic Acid Capping Machin.jpg

Pet Bottle Filling packing Line With Automatic Medical Alcohol / Chemical Liquid / Acetic Acid Filling Capping Machine

Technical Parameters

1. Number of filling heads:8 head

2. Filling capacity: 50ml to 500ml

3. Filling form: full servo drive filling

4. Filling speed: about 3000 bottles / hour .

5. Filling accuracy: ±99%

6. Material: 304 stainless steel for filling frame

7. Program control: PLC + touch screen

8. Filling mouth and trough contact liquid parts material: 304# stainless steel, food grade PVC

9. Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

10. Conveyor belt: 82mm wide POM chain belt, speed 0-15 m / min, height 750mm   ± 25mm off the ground

11. Conveying motor: 370W variable frequency speed regulating motor

12. Power: about 3.8KW/AC220V 50/60HZ

13. Tank capacity: approx. 150liters (with level switch).

14. cap style: would choose screwing capping and automatic fellowing up screw capping.

15. would match with labeling machine, carton sealing machine and weight checking machine etc machine together use as one full line.

Filling packing Line With Automatic Medical Alcohol  Chemical Liquid  Acetic Acid Capping Machin.jpg

Can be customized according to the actual situation of the client bottle samples

other filling style machine line reference.

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