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The 133rd China Canton Fair

The 133rd China Canton Fair was held in three phases from April 15 to May 5, 2023 in Guangzhou, marking the first comprehensive resumption of offline exhibitions since the outbreak of the pandemic. On April 19th, the first phase of the Canton Fair came to an end.

On April 20th, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce, Shu Jueting, told reporters at a regular press conference that the first phase of the 133rd Canton Fair was successfully held in Guangzhou from April 15th to 19th.

Shu Jueting stated that there were 66000 overseas buyers attending the first phase of the meeting, with an export transaction of 12.8 billion US dollars. Many participating companies have stated that although overseas buyers are still recovering, the buyers present at the conference have a strong willingness to purchase and place orders faster. From the number of orders, the proportion of medium to long orders over three months is close to 60%. In addition to placing orders on-site, many customers also make appointments with participating companies to visit the factory on-site, and it is expected to achieve more cooperation in the future

This includes the packaging machinery exhibition in the packaging industry, where filling machines, capping machines, and labeling machines have all received high praise.

The second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair will be held from April 23rd to 27th, showcasing light industrial products such as consumer goods, gifts, and home decorations. The Fair will continue to increase the invitation of buyers, optimize supporting services, and provide a better transaction and negotiation environment for exhibitors and merchants worldwide

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