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Online weighing and testing machine
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Online weighing and testing machine

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Online weighing and testing machine

1. It can be used for automatic weight detection, upper and lower limit identification or weight classification on various automatic assembly lines and logistics transportation systems, and also for the detection of multiple and missing parts after product packaging.

2. It is widely used in online detection of pharmaceutical, food, toy, hardware, chemical and other industries.

3. In addition, it can directly replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency, consistency and reliability of weighing.

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1. Large color LCD touch screen interface, simple operation and intuitive display.

2. Support the customization of multiple languages, which are Chinese and English by default.

3. It can set and store 100 kinds of product detection data, which is convenient for users to switch and call.

4. It has photoelectric automatic detection of empty bag, adjustable conveyor belt speed and automatic learning function.

5. The parameter setting is password protected, which is only operated by management personnel.

6. The automatic zero tracking system ensures the reliability of the test data.

7. Single-chip computer system is independently developed, with unique filtering algorithm to ensure system stability.

8. The mechanical structure is simple, and the buckle conveyor belt is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and maintenance.

Basic parameters:

Sorting range 5-500g

Sorting accuracy ± 0.1g (depending on the product)

Minimum scale 0.1g

The maximum separation speed is 80 bottles/min (depending on the product)

Product limit length 200mm

150mm wide

Height 3-200mm

Operation mode Touch operation

Operation interface 7-inch touch screen

Removal method: push plate removal/air blowing removal

Belt height from the ground 750 ± 50mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Machine structure stainless steel (SUS304)

Power supply 220V 50-60HZ

Power: about 100W

Table size 316mmX150mm

Weight: about 60KG

Optional three-color alarm light, RS485 output port

Note The properties and use environment of the tested products are different, and the detection speed and accuracy are also different. The actual test is the standard.

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