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food  jar vacuum capping machine

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Food Jar Vacuum Capping Machine

Glass jar horse iron vacuum cover packaging equipment

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Vacuum capping machine is used for the packaging of glass bottles.

The glass bottle mouth is with spiral, and the lid material is usually horse mouth iron, with the same number of buttons as the corresponding bottle mouth thread. According to different bottle mouth diameter standards, the lid is three, four and six buttons, respectively supporting the corresponding number of screw glass bottles.

This kind of glass bottle cap iron is used in the vacuum capping machine, because the packaging container can maintain the vacuum in the container must be rigid enough, maintain the vacuum state, and the lid must have enough sealant and can firmly buckle and the bottle to keep the vacuum in the tank for a long time.

Glass bottles are mainly used for different food industries such as sauce bottle, apple sauce, chili sauce, salad sauce, vacuum rotary cover and other different industries, which is the ideal mechanical equipment for food storage.

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The machine can be made according to the jars, bottles and   covers.

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