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bottle Washing Disinfect

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bottle Washing Disinfect, Our factory would made bottle Washing Disinfect machine according, Please edit the product details of your requirement and sent to us...

Automatic bottle washing equipment suitable for food product bottles. The machine has a reasonable design, rigorous structure, and closed production to ensure no pollution during the production process. It is each liquor, wine. Fruit wine factory, sauce factory, instant bird's nest factory, ideal production equipment.

Automatic bottle washing equipment bottle Washing Disinfect advantages have:

1. The bottle rinsing speed is fast. Save time and labor. Variable frequency speed regulation can be adjusted arbitrarily according to production needs.

2. A flushing channel is set up to reduce water consumption.

3. The water separating valve strictly controls the bottle flushing and bottle control time to ensure that the bottle is flushed clean. There is no water in the bottle after the bottle is controlled.

4. The height can be adjusted electrically and the operation is simple.

5. A wide range of applicable bottles, except for special shaped bottles, most regular bottle types can be applied.

6, advanced jaw processing precision, reliable work and long service life.

7. Each position is equipped with a limit position device, and it will automatically shut down in case of failure to protect the equipment from damage.


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